I was gifted with a little five month old baby boy named Nathan in 1991, through the Fostercare System in San Francisco, California. I knew he had been termed a “special needs baby” because his mother had been homeless and living on the streets in San Francisco, but since I had worked with “autistic” and “mentally challenged” children for awhile I felt that nurture would win out over nature.….. I was able to give him experiences in several healing modalities (like psychotherapy at Langley-Porter, a weekly psycotherapy session with a social worker, looked into biofeedback but was told it would not be good for him, bought the Voyager XL with sound and lights, did a lot of research through HeatMath and, or course, my own Reiki treatments. The wonderful part of this whole scenario is that Nathan was (and is) an amazing child. He always loved our dogs (and his bearded dragon). He was creative and “thought outside the box” on just about everything. He has always been completely infatuated with life.