This paper will focus on the Chinese Medicine and the concepts of Qi in relationship to the unified field. Also, through the teachings of specific Qi Gong masters and a brilliant Dowser healer, we will explore their cultivation methods for developing innate intelligence. What they all have in common is that “Mind is Qi”, where brain wave and sound wave are combined to navigate in the flow of Dao.
Through these transformational shifts in consciousness and tumultuous times of global trauma, the methods of these masters are strategically shared as a catalyst for exploring Sound Healing ways that relate to a specific Acupuncture treatment. In collaboration with Acupuncturist Dru Whelan and myself, we have chosen this treatment as a model that can be applied in Sound Healing for a specific reason. In part, because it relates to the alignment of Oneness that relates to Prenatal Qi in our cycles of development through the paths of the Eight Extraordinary meridians known as vessels.
This particular treatment was chosen as an exploratory remedy for those who may develop health issues related to the pandemic of 2020, 2021 to assist with healthy ways of transformation from the stress of these times
Also this paper is an invitation for Practitioners to join in a collaborative effort to explore methods of vibrational therapies that assist in well-being to those whom may be affected relating to the concerns mentioned above. For months I have been exploring and contemplating how to serve in this way. As a collective, we are a continuum of the universe expressing itself. May we listen in relationship to the whole, whereby exponentially, the wise ways of nature’s song reveal their remedies. As the power and strength in numbers grows, may humanity continue to rise with the brilliance of the Universe. Collectively, we are a symphony of vibration in song. May the wisdom shine through greatly.
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2 Amplifying Qi - The Alchemy of Heart Wave & Sound Wave by Jennifer Daly