This paper is an exploration of the various ways that bird song could be related to sound healing. It begins with a Hafiz poem referencing bird sound as a possible remedy for disharmony and distress. From that more esoteric introduction, the paper moves to information from scientific researchers exploring the effects of bird song on humans, as therapy in and of itself, as well as in combination with outdoor natural environments for reducing stress and improving overall health. The paper also touches on the subject of using birdsong for establishing circadian rhythms where light is lacking or subjects are unable to tolerate light. A large portion of the paper discusses the relationship between birdsong and plants, exploring the research in the development of Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom, and how it opens us to understanding how much we don’t know about the inter-relationships in the natural world, not only between plants and birds, but the rich tapestry of
connections among all living organisms. The paper also includes a short section on Soundscape Ecology, how architects and urban planners are integrating nature, including bird song into their planning. Finally, an exploration of possible ties between bird song, the 7th chakra and ties to the Divine or more spiritual dimensions. In this last section, I’ve included a personal story of what I believe was Divine communication through birdsong. The paper includes three links to Cornell Lab of Ornithology sites where one can listen to three of my favorite bird songs, or explore other bird songs. As an addendum, I’ve included a plea to take action in our lives to preserve bird species diversity and also our planetary and human health by stopping the use of pesticides and choosing organic food.
Bird Song and Sound Healing