“DISCOVERING A PATH TO HEALING” a case study regarding a personal experience with two different vibrational therapies.  A very recent situation unfolded concerning my mom and how she was offered a ‘Sound Balancing’ session with a client of hers.  She had told me how excited she was for this session even though the practitioner was brand new at this modality.  After the session, my mother dealt with an extremely negative experience mentally and physically and couldn’t find her way out of a deep hole of sadness and depression until another client of hers offered a way out.  Neuroptimal is a brain training system using a range of frequencies to train the brain and re-center it back into a state of stability and comfort.  My mom felt completely better after one Neuroptimal session and hasn’t looked back since.  I go into detail on both vibrational therapies which when used properly, can offer great results for most clients.