Have you ever sung in a Choir or played in a Band? Do you enjoy listening to songs on the radio, in the grocery store, or from your favorite album? I’m willing to bet the answer to (at least) the latter is a manyfold “yes”! In today’s world, Music is played and consumed in Equal Temperament Tuning, and has been since the 18th Century. This Tuning System does lots of good, as Instruments can play with each other in all keys without issue. However, it’s widely believed that Equal Temperament isn’t perfectly in synch with ratios found in Nature; Pure Intervals (occurring naturally) consist of Whole Number Ratios of frequencies. Thus, a Tuning System harnessing the Ratios found in Nature could affect us differently than Equal Temperament (which we are all inevitably accustomed to). Enter: Just Intonation!
EarthSong- The Gravity and Levity of Just Intonation