There is more to the human body than meets the eye. We readily accept our physical anatomy because it can be easily experienced by our somatic senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. But we have another body, a “Subtle Body” of energy that co-exists with the temporal material of our being. This energetic body is not as easily detected for many humans, it truly lives up to its’ name: subtle. Although ever-present, without tuning into it you will not experience what this field of energy has to offer you. Stop for a moment to consider a radio. You appreciate its appearance, you know it is always receiving signals, and yet unless you adjust to a certain frequency and turn up the volume, you don’t hear or feel what it is producing. The Subtle Body is kind of like that radio for human beings. Luckily for us, one of the gateways into our “Subtle Body” is through the “Chakras”. It goes without saying that
our somatic senses are rooted in physical science and that our Subtle Bodies and Chakras are rooted in Metaphysics; this begs the question, what would happen if we teamed the two systems up through conscious intention and focus that energy towards a receiver, imagine the possibilities.