Our original DNA template has 12 strands. These are multidimensional, magnetic and unable to be detected by medical or scientific measures, like the chakras and nadis. They represent 12 dimensions of consciousness. We ascend (and descend!) through our chakras. When all of our physical chakras are aligned, activated and flowing, our kundalini can rise to our crown and explode up to source creating a stream of light, activating our bodies and minds. There are also transpersonal chakras which are above the head and below the feet. Deep into the Earth, far into the soul and high into the sky, the channel of light that connects it all is called the hara line. In my experience, the hara line has 4 main points called the tan tien, core star, soul seat, and the godhead. There are many more points on the hara line such as the soul star, Earth star and the hara center which is the most physical point. The aura is also a very important aspect of the light body, as the aura does countless miracles for us and can be activated to be so much more. In this essay, we’ll go deeper into each of the topics briefly addressed here to get a better understanding of the light body.