Grieving is a very sacred process that can involve much vulnerability and organic emotional flow. Grief and sadness from life may be stored inside if a person is made to feel shame about releasing them. When we feel struck with sadness, many times our first reaction is to try to maintain some control over our reaction by knowingly or unknowingly tensing or pulling in at the chest area or other areas of the body including the shoulders and muscles along the back of the spine. I specifically mention the chest area because the process of grieving is associated with the heart chakra. When we contract, pull, or tense up the areas surrounding the heart it pulls muscles around the front and back of the heart center. The back of the heart chakra is meant to be a portal open and wide in order to release energy. When the shoulders and muscles along the spine are tense, it makes the body hunched and the tension along the spine can severely constrict the opening of the back of the chakra. When grief, or energy, is stuck, the amazing design of tears that the Creator built is not utilized. Because energy wants to thrive and be released it moves around from back to front and in more developed cases of holding all around the body and auras. The energy represented from the heart chakra is the Life Force of the Universe. Since grief and sadness are processed here, this gives us a major clue to the divine lesson of release and unconditional love we can cultivate through the sacred song of grieving.
This paper offers a Qi Gong Healing Sound practice for transforming grief into courage utilizing essential oils.