That there is a an Elemental Kingdom is known. Many books have been written about and by intelligences related to gardens, forests and flower essences. Gardens at places like Findhorn in Scotland and Perelandra in Virginia have developed a co-creative partnership with whole garden systems based on communications with the plant intelligences, devas and nature spirits. These communications take the form of everything from channeled downloads given by the garden divas, to intuitive messages in meditation, to a knowing. The Nature spirits hold the divine “body of light” blueprints for the nature kingdom. Machaella Wright who formed the Perelandra Garden says “My work with the nature spirits has convinced me that they are truly masters of understanding and working with the concept of bringing spirit into matter, energy into form. I experience nature spirits as individuated energy presences, but not in specific forms. But when I contact the Carrot Deva, I touch into the very same intelligent reality someone in China would touch into when making the same contact.”

How Plants and Trees can communicate …. With each other and us