I chose this topic on the healing power of laughter because laughter has always been a constant in my life. I have a reputation for a loud, hearty, infectious laugh. People can identify me a mile away just by my laugh. I grew up with a father who was a vaudeville comedian, we laughed, that’s what we did.

No one has ever truly understood my laughter and light heartedness as a coping mechanism, stress reliever and a way of looking at things in this world from a different perspective keeping the mind sharp. In fact, in the corporate world where I spent most of my career, I was labeled an alcoholic, although I don’t drink, because these serious mongers couldn’t comprehend anybody laughing, unless they were inebriated. I never climbed the ladder much in corporate, but I did have a good time and made my co workers happier people in a toxic environment. Seriousness can be deadly, and my niche is to spread the laughter. Just as Vibrational Sound Therapy is coming mainstream its comrade in arms, Laughter, is finding it’s place too, as an essential tool in navigating the way to happier, healthier lives.

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