In overcoming the daunting aspect of the task to write this paper I was led from vague words in my head (that I believed held passion for me) on a journey of great (and infinite) exploration through Google and books. Originally the only words in my head were the wondering about the importance of Intention, Intuition, Love, and Spirituality in healing. All these words were hooked by a nebulous thread of something to do with an Ancient Source of divinity and healing. The task was often doubt filled and questioning especially after the Sacred Geometry classes opened so much of a new world to me. The path led me explore each word and then try to link them, still not clear about a direction. Feeling I was getting nowhere and ready to give up, it was then that Light Language came to my attention. Although new to my conscious awareness I realise that there had been exposure to it through a 2 or 3 people I knew of using it in their practice and sessions and in my own life through writing in post-trauma situation. Just didn’t know what it was.