My paper is about vibration as it relates to water.  I will touch on the importance of water! I will share information about vibrational experiments done on water, and tests conducted revolving around water.  Water is the most abundant element on the planet, and no life may exist without it.   It is known to miraculously heal people and aid in everyday health.  A fluent life is a happy life.  So we know how wonderfully water can be to us, but how about how we affect the water?  Our thoughts, words, actions, pictures, beliefs, and music all have profound effects on water.  Some have even been discovered to be able to heal water through language.  Structured and natural water have a tremendous effect on our health and the health of plants and animals alike.  If we can learn to love and live in coherence with the water the entire planet will benefit.  Water is my favorite thing, and I wish to inspire others to the absolute amazement that water itself is full of!