It is not difficult to find the universal and fundamental role sound and music intrinsically play in our human lives. Most people can readily relate how a certain piece of music makes them feel, whether joyous, melancholy, excited, contemplative, or any emotion in between. As we begin to understand this more deeply, we begin to observe our relationship to the even more fundamental dimensions of music, to sound itself. Discovering, or perhaps more accurately, remembering, the vibrational quality of our being and all beings connects us profoundly to All and reveals how unifying sound is and healing it can be, as it is the inherent nature of all things. This relationship to, or expression of sound and music, is seen earliest life; in the miraculous womb and beautiful bond between parent and child. The lullaby exemplifies this natural and healing expression of music. The lullaby is universal, serves several beneficial functions for mother and babe and ultimately shows how innately musical we are, thus helping us further understand our true nature as human beings: as sound beings.