The Raman Spectroscopy is like an electron microscope that shows the entire frequency content of a cell in real time.  Therefore, we can now map the entire harmonic content of all 70 trillion cells in the body.  With artificial intelligence we can then map the musical interval relationships between all of the cells.

Even though it seems clear that the frequency of every part of the body is different from person to person, the assumption is that the “musical interval relationship” of all the parts will be the same for all people, if healthy.   Once we find this musical interval template of perfection for a human being we then resonate all the parts back into harmony with sound, electromagnetism and light.


The Original GeneOM Project

The “Gene OM” project is an “open source” research project designed to map out all of the frequencies in the human body (see initial list below). All information is to be shared freely. We believe this information is too important for mankind to be held proprietary in any way. Ultimately (humbly), we believe this is the first step in a new alternative medicine system that is focused on health for all without profit of a few.

The point is to map out the frequency and harmonic template of a healthy human being. We believe that many of the frequencies in the human body/system are different from human to human. More important are the musical intervals between any two parts of the body. We assume that the musical intervals will be consistent. We are only looking for consistencies from human to human. Later we will be looking for an individual’s particular frequency layout.

Science has proven that everything is frequency (or vibration). Therefore, we will also be accepting research on the frequencies of such esoteric systems as thoughts, emotions, chakras, auras and even the Soul. We believe that as science comes to understand the material of such systems science will accept their existence. We believe this research may help further this goal of bringing together science and spirituality.

We will be accepting research from any source that would like to submit their information. All research will (initially) fall into 3 categories:

1. Controlled and repeatable research This type of research will be further divided into subcategories based on the overall credibility of the research: number of people studied, quality controls, etc. The goal is to provide a database that everyone in the field of Sound Healing may then draw from — and know for sure the credibility and quality of the research.

One goal is to get scientific proof of the frequency of certain parts of the body. For example, based on physics, bones, muscles, tendons, blood and skin have a particular resonance (based on the size, tension, thickness and density). Also, cells have a particular resonant frequency. We should know these frequencies and the research should be repeatable.

2. Research data obtained with unique techniques or technologies There are many devices that might not be professionally accepted by the mainstream scientific community, but could provide some very useful data that might still be quite effective. This might include techniques such as kinesiology (muscle testing), radionics boxes, etc. We will especially be looking for any correspondences (which might then be candidates for quantifiable controlled research).

3. Research data obtained by intuition and psychics This information may ultimately prove extremely valuable as many psychics to seem to gain valuable information beyond that which can be obtained through the scientific process. Again, we will be looking for any correspondences.

All assumptions remain to be proven. As research information is obtained it will become clear whether the assumptions are true.

The first assumption is that some parts of the body are the same from person to person. However, the frequency of most parts of the body vary from person to person, depending on how detailed you look. For example, the heart has many frequencies. Based on physics, its primary resonant frequency is based on its size… making the frequency different for each person. However, it is assumed that most of the muscle material that makes up the heart have the same resonant frequency from person to person (same with other “materials” in the heart). Also, it is assumed that the resonant frequency of the cells within the heart are also the same from human to human. However, the “energy” of the heart most likely varies from person to person. The energy of love associated with the heart most likely also varies from person to person.

Again, more importantly than the frequencies within the heart, are the relationships of these frequencies to other organs — the musical intervals between organs. It is assumed (and to be proven) that the musical interval between the general heart frequency and that of the liver are the same in every one of us (unless there is a disruption or disease present). Therefore, one of the goals within the project is to find the musical intervals between each and every part of the body that are the same in all humans. It is assumed that if we then play back this particular symphony of health it will entrain a person into a healthy state.

The Hierarchy of Frequencies We will also be accepting papers on the hierarchy of sounds in the body. How do each of the systems in the body relate to each other.

Frequencies in the Body to be Mapped In the Geneom the basic premise is that since we know that everything is vibration (in one form or another), every part of the body at every level has a specific overall vibration. Most parts of the body are made of a combination of vibrations. Cells are the closest to being a single vibration, but even cells are a combination of frequencies.

The goal is to find the relationship of frequencies from one part of the body to another. However, to keep things simple we will initially be looking to find the relationship of frequencies within particular systems.

Ultimately, we will be looking at the relationship of the overall frequencies of each system.

In the mapping of frequencies there are two different ways that frequencies can be approached:

1. The actual resonant frequency of the object: cell, organ, part of the body, etc. Based on physics, it is well-known that if you play the inherent frequency of an object it feeds the object energy. If you turn the volume up too much (which would be difficult to do for an organ, but could easily happen for a cell), then it explodes the object.

2. The remedy for the object. There are two categories of remedies:

a) Breaking Up – Using frequency to break up blockages, stuck energy or pathogens.

b) Harmonizing – Simply resonating coherent energies other than that of the object – For example, Love, Light or the pure energy of Spirit.

In the GeneOM Project we will not be focusing on remedies! The number of pathogens and blockages is way too detailed. Also, many believe this is not the purest way to do healing. Some call it the “warfare� method. Also, though the realm of harmonizing by bringing higher vibrations to the body is probably one of the most powerful methods of healing, this is also not the focus of this project. Once the appropriate resonant frequency has been found, adding higher intentions for the healing process can be extremely effective.

The basic concept of the GeneOM project is to focus on what is right, instead of what is wrong. Then, using the basic law of resonance, Resonate each part of the body back into harmony.

Actually resonating the relationships of the parts of the body back into harmony since the frequencies of various parts of the body vary from person to person

Pythagoras based musical education in the first place on certain melodies and rhythms that exercised a healing, purifying influence on the human actions and passions, restoring ‘Pristine Harmony’ of the Soul’s faculties. He applied the same means to the curing of diseases of both body and mind – Porphyry (233-309AD) 2nd generation disciple of Pythagoras

The body is an unbelievably complex symphony of frequencies. There are over 70 trillion cells in the body but only 210 types of cells. Each cell completes 250,000 reactions per second. There are 206 bones and 640 muscles. The heart beats about 101,000 beats per day and we take around 23,000 breaths. The liver has 500 functions. We create 500 billion new cells per day and have over 100 billion neurons. There are 60 hormones in the endocrine system and your circulation travels 60,000 miles. We have 1,000 thoughts per hour and 80% of them are the same.

The complexity of the symphony in the body is overwhelming. Not only the number of frequencies, but also the relationships of all the frequencies …not to mention the most important aspect of all – the musical and energetic flow through the body.

The good news is that we have charts and charts of frequencies that people have come up with and we have included many of them in the index and provided links to even more detailed lists. However, the bad news is that no one agrees on any one frequency for any part of the body. No one!!!

Additionally, hardly anyone that has posted these frequencies explains in detail how they were derived. Was it clinical research or a psychic? Was it based on research on one person or 1,000’s of people? Worst of all, the frequencies might just be part of someone’s marketing plan or agenda. Without this information it can be difficult for many people to trust the frequencies.

We need more research. Not that every frequency has to be researched to be valid! For example, there are many miracle stories of healings and transformations from many sources and we don’t have a clue how they happened. I certainly don’t want to miss out on some powerful techniques just because they haven’t been researched and these lists are a good place to start – many miracles have occurred and been documented.

However, if we are to bring Sound Healing more into the mainstream, we are going to need proof.

This is a major research endeavor to map all the frequencies in the body from cell to soul. It is an open resource project so we will be accepting any research from the field regardless of its source, and all information will be shared freely, as long as the details are provided.

We will be placing the research into 3 categories, based on the quality of the research.

1. Clinical Research – This is data that has been collected through quantitative research and is repeatable. We will also share information on the credibility of the research including number of people researched, and quality controls.

2. Not So Clinical Research – This is data collected by means that are not so well accepted by the mainstream. These will include techniques such as Kinesiology (muscle testing), rife boxes, and quantum devices that send signals through the body and “ping� different parts of the body. These techniques often still come up with really useful information.

3. Intuitives – Data collected from psychics. We will especially be looking for data that corresponds with other psychics or with any of the other types of research above.

It is really quite amazing that we really don’t know the frequencies within our own human system. We haven’t even begun to meet the orchestra players yet.

Some of these frequencies are the same from person to person. We know that certain materials in the body will have consistent resonant frequencies from person to person. For example, the resonant materials of bones should be quite similar. Bones will also have another frequency that resonates higher or lower based on the size of the bone. However, the bone material itself will be consistent based on physics (perhaps there could be slight variations based on ethnic groups or body types). Other materials in the body should also be consistent from person to person, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood, etc. It is actually a simple process to find the resonant frequency of these parts of our system.

However, most of the frequencies will be different from person to person based on the size of the organ or body part and other detailed variables. Nevertheless, we will still be able to define a particular frequency range within which any part of the body will fall.

Healthy Musical Intervals

Although many of the frequencies will actually be different from person to person, we assume that the relationships between body parts will be the same person-to-person in healthy people. The relationship of one frequency to another is a musical interval. As mentioned, our assumption is that the body is a symphony where every single part is working in perfect harmony with every other part.

For example, we assume that the liver in relation to the heart will have the same relative musical intervals from one healthy person to another healthy person – even though the actual frequencies may vary.

Ultimately, we will have a template of perfect health for the musical relationships between every part of the body. Ideally, once in hand, we can use these musical intervals to resonate the parts of the body back into harmony.

We can then find specific frequency markers in a person and tune the musical intervals to the divine template of perfection that he or she was born with.

These frequencies could be applied in an iPhone or a sophisticated virtual reality system we are working on. Check it out at

As mentioned our system is unbelievably complex (who designed this anyway?). To give an example, consider the frequencies within the heart.

However, all in all, the heart has one overall resonant frequency, which is actually the home note or key of all the frequencies within the heart. Then, this frequency will have a specific relationship to all the other organs in the body. It will also have a musical interval relationship to the whole cardiovascular system. The overall cardiovascular system frequency also has a specific musical relationship to all of the other systems in the body: the nervous system, muscular system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, digestive system, etc.

And, it’s all in harmony (when it is healthy).

The basic concept of the GeneOM project is
to focus on what is right, instead of what is wrong.
Then, using the basic laws of resonance,
we resonate each part of the body back into harmony.

Once we have the frequencies mapped, you could also download a tone generator and use it to find the exact frequency for toning vocally or electronically.


Just imagine if our entire medical system were based on getting all the frequencies in the body back in harmony. The remedies would be more precise and therefore less invasive, with fewer side effects.


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