Humans are wired to respond to music. Physically, emotionally and neurologically. Science has found
that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. So where does the power
of music end?
We are now using music for all sorts of mental issues and conditions. We can calm and relax people with
panic disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD. Removing them from their past conflicts and bringing them
to the present. We can take dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who seem to have forgotten who they
are and are incapable of being present, then with the use of music restore parts of their memory even
from childhood and bring them to the present to share their memories with us.
If we can use music as a tool to help those remember the past and bring people to the present, why
can’t we use it to grab ahold of our dreams, our passions, a goal, a focus, an affirmation, our purpose
and bring that to the present?

Orchestrating My Vision (final copy)