I have written about the electric body. I talk about how the body is electric and what that means in terms of health. I explore how our electricity can be out of balance, how that is measured and ways to bring it back in to balance so we can be healthy.

Electricity is vital to life and vital to our human bodies. Without electricity,
whether outside our bodies or within, we wouldn’t be able to live. Electricity is a
form of energy. In a battery, electrons and protons are kept separated until a
charge is needed. They only come together when a switch is flipped, producing a
current. Without this electrical energy we wouldn’t be able to create fire for
cooking. We wouldn’t be able to see without the light it creates. And we certainly
couldn’t survive without electricity to power all of our technology in this day and
age. There is an electrical current running through our cells as well, which is
required by our nervous system in order for our brain to be able to send signals
to our body that make it possible for us to think, move and feel. If the electrical
system in our body gets out of balance, illness can result. How do we know if our
electrical system is in or out of balance? How is being out of electrical balance
measured? How does it affect our health to be out of balance? And what can we
do to get ourselves back in balance once we become ill?

Our Bodies are Electric