Trauma and PTSD treatments includes Anger, Grief, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 

The most effective treatment is to put people on our Sound Lounge with David Gibson’s music.

Ed Rupert in Colorado is working with our Sound Lounge and David’s music with people with First Responders in Colorado.  Whenever they have a crisis (commonly a breakdown with thoughts of suicide), Ed takes the Sound Lounge out to them in his van and puts them on it.  He have has saved over 300 lives in just the last few years.  

Another colleague is using the Sound Lounges for vets and has connected with the VA in Sacramento.  He also has been getting dramatic results.  One vet who was on 15 meds is now off all of them and back to normal after only 6 weeks.   The treatments have been so effective that the VA is now talking to him about creating treatment plans for the National VA.

We would like to setup similar systems throughout the country and in third world countries.  Let us know if you might be interested in helping in any way.

We will be performing a wide range of sound treatments to improve the effectiveness.


You can see a detailed treatment plan on the Medical Sound Association site: