There are many ways we can raise our frequency levels through the way we
think, eat, and so many other ways. When it comes to stress, we tend to fall back
into low frequency patterns because its comfortable even though the result is
making us feel worse. For me food is a major factor when it comes to the way I
deal with stress. I used to eat a bunch of junk food which eventually made me sick.
Once I was introduced Dr. Sebi’s alkaline foods, herbs, and minerals, my
vibrations increased with every day I made a commitment to bettering myself.
Alkaline foods heighten your vibration so much you feel like you could begin to
levitate. Through changes I made to my health I noticed a significant change in my
mindset as well and the way I was living my life. It’s never to late to make the
changes necessary to better our life, and by doing that, we change those around us
as well.

Raising Frequency through Alkaline Foods