All research that we will be performing will be done based on accepted scientific principles and procedures. We have a team that includes people that are extremely experienced in performing clinical research.

The research will consist of 4 phases:

1. Researching the Best Equipment to be able to find the frequencies of every part of the body. So far our research has revealed that MRI is the ultimate tool for finding the frequencies. However there are many other less expensive alternatives.

2. Planning Meetings – Meeting with our team to decide how many people to include in the study, which parts of the body to start with.

3. Performing the research study. The initial estimate is that it will take 5 years to complete simply because there are so many parts of the body to examine. Even then, the study will probably continue.

4. Collecting research from others. We will be actively putting out feelers in different healing and medical areas of the field to see if anyone else already has frequency data they would be willing to share. We believe there is already a large amount of data that can be drawn from in the medical field itself. We will also put out newsletters asking for any type of submissions and will track down any previous research papers that might have usable data on frequencies.

5. Collate and Present the Information. The data will ultimately be displayed on a 3D image of the body. The user may zoom in on any part of the body down to the cellular level and get the frequencies. By clicking on the frequency numbers anyone will be able to see precisely how the frequencies were discovered: the research protocol, how many people in the study, and the detailed research paper (if available). The user will be able to also see the relationships of any two parts of the body as a musical interval. Again, it is our assumption that the musical interval relationships of the parts of the body (as opposed to the frequencies) will be more consistently the same from person to person if both are healthy.

6. Develop an Apps and Treatments based on the Research. We should be able to take the musical interval template of perfection and put it in your phone. Ultimately, we can test an individual and get some frequency markers so that the template of musical interval perfection will be tuned specifically to that person.

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