Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the stress reduction effects of spending 25 minutes reclining in a SolTec (TM) Lounge between 2 intervention groups. Group 1 experienced the Lounge with multilayered music on an external speaker, while group 2 experienced the Lounge with multilayered music and synchronous vibration and magnetic stimulation from within the chair.

Subjects: In total, 110 participants with a self-reported stress level of 4 or higher on a 0- to 10-point scale were recruited from the local community including employees. Participants were randomized into receiving 1 of the 2 interventions. There were no significant differences between the group’s average stress levels prior to the interventions.

Interventions: Both groups received a 25-minute session in a dimly lit, quiet area on the Lounge with multilayered music. The second group also received vibration and magnetic stimulation that were synchronized with the music.

Design: Current stress level as well as ratings or feelings of anxiety, tenseness, energy, focus, happiness, relaxation, nervousness, creativeness, and being rested were recorded before and after the session.

Results: Both groups of participants reported equivalent decreased feelings of stress after using the Lounge. Participants receiving the synchronous multilayered music, vibration, and magnetic stimulation did report significantly reduced feelings of tenseness, feeling more relaxed, and feeling more creative when compared with the group that received music only.

Conclusion: Spending 25 minutes in the SolTec (TM) Lounge with multilayered music is an effective way to reduce self-reported stress in individuals who self-report having a high stress level. If confirmed by future studies, including synchronous vibration and magnetic stimulation with the multilayered music might be an effective stress reduction strategy.

SolTec Lounge study