Rhythmic expertise is a multidimensional skill set with clusters of distinct rhythmic abilities. For example, the ability to clap in time with feedback relates extensively to distinct beat- and pattern-based rhythmic skills in school-age children. In this study we aimed to determine whether clapping in time would relate to both beat- and pattern-based rhythmic tasks among adolescents and young adults. We assessed our participants on seven tasks: two beat-based tasks (Metronome and Tempo adaptation), two pattern-based tasks (Reproducing rhythmic patterns and Remembering rhythmic patterns), a self-paced drumming task, a task of drumming to a music beat, and a clapping in time task. We found that clapping in time correlated with all other rhythmic tasks, even though some were not mutually related to one another. These results provide insight into the taxonomy of rhythmic skills and support the practice of clapping in time with feedback as a means of developing broad spectrum rhythmic abilities.