We revealed the existence of high frequency (HF) electricity flowing through the meridians known to oriental medicine by observing these signals at various acupoints on the human body. This was clearly and scientifically demonstrated by recording the frequency spectrum at these acupoints using a spectrum analyzer. The analysis of the measured spectrum found in 5 particular acupoints of each of the 12 meridians showed that a flow exists in these acupoints that could be measured with a spectrum frequency between 1 MHz and 80 MHz and an intensity of –70 to –60 dBm. Since the presence of these spectrums can be equated with the presence of electricity, we can emphatically conclude that high frequency electricity exists in humans and flows through the acupoints used in oriental medicine. The same characteristic frequency spectrums were found at all the acupoints along the same meridian and were shown to have the same type of HF current flow. In this way, we were able to confirm the existence of meridian flow in a scientific manner. In addition, it was found that as the distance from the organ increased, the intensities of the spectrum measured on that meridian decreased, which is exactly the behavior electrical transmission line theory would predict.