The purpose of this paper is to show some aspects of music therapy application in cancer
care and to present the integration of music therapy program into a continuous supportive
cancer care for inpatients. A cancer diagnosis is one of the most feared and serious life
events that causes stress in individuals and families. Cancer disrupts social, physical and
emotional well-being and results in a range of emotions, including anger, fear, sadness, guilt,
embarrassment and shame. Music therapy is a part of a complementary medicine program
in supportive cancer care which accompanies medical treatment. There are many benefits
of music therapy for cancer patients—interactive music therapy techniques (instrumental
improvisation, singing) as well as receptive music therapy techniques (listening to recorded
or live music, music and imaginary) can be used to improve mood, decrease stress, pain,
anxiety level and enhance relaxation. Music therapy is an effective form of supporting cancer
care for patients during the treatment process. It may be also basic for planning effective
programs of rehabilitation to promote wellness, improve physical and emotional well-being
and the quality of therapy cancer care