Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a global health issue given the increasing prevalence rate and the limitations of drug
effects. As a consequent, non-pharmacological interventions are of importance. Music therapy (MT) is a nonpharmacological way with a long history of use and a fine usability for dementia patients. In this review, we will
summarize different techniques, diverse clinical trials, and the mechanisms of MT as it is helpful to the cognition in
AD, providing reference for future research. Many articles have demonstrated that MT can reduce cognitive decline
especially in autobiographical and episodic memories, psychomotor speed, executive function domains, and global
cognition. MT is a promising intervention for strategy of dementia especially of AD and it must be started as early
as possible. However, more evidences with prospective, randomized, blinded, uniform and rigorous methodological
investigations are needed. And we should consider to combine MT with other cognitive stimulations such as
dance, physical exercise, video game, art and so therapy intervention alzheimers