Comparing the concept of Qi as a ‘life force’ or ‘energy’ which flows in meridians with the writer’s work on coherent frequencies in living systems, this Chapter will attempt a synthesis to provide Qi with a basis in physics. Frequency effects have already been observed in the activity of healers. The sine qua non for this Chapter will be whether Qi can be related to endogenous frequencies and changes associated with healing activity of a Qi expert and the manipulation of body Qi.

Chinese Medicine includes many ways of manipulating Qi which may be viewed in terms of a pair of complementary opposites (Yang and Yin) involved in life processes and which if unbalanced lead to disease conditions. The writer has found that each acupuncture meridian has a very precise endogenous frequency. If a target organ or meridian is stressed, its frequency appears in the whole body field. The frequency may be hyper or hypo-active in its biological effects. The relevant frequency information is contained in the magnetic vector potential component of a field. Measurements of frequencies imprinted into water by a Qi-Expert are presented and discussed.
Qi & Bio Frequencies paper