The purpose of this book is to give a wide account of state-of-the-art resear

in the sound domain, with a proper combination of human sciences, computa
tional sciences, and technological realizations. This was one of the objectives
of the Europea
n Coordination Action “Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound”

, altogether with the definition and the publication of a roadmap
, aiming
at providing a reference point for future research in Sound and Music Com
puting. The overall goal of the Action was to contribute to the formation of a
solid and organic community focused on tying together the investigation on
the sonic aspects of the world with the study of the sense conveyed through
sound. As suggested by the title of the Action, the perspective is two-folded:
from sound to sense, and from sense to sound. What we expect from the fu
ture is the emergence of methodologies for a higher-lev
el sound analysis and

g, or for more engaging sound synthesis and control in musical and

non-musical contexts
. Eventually
, only an integrated yet open sound-music

research field may fill the existing gap between sound and sense and try to
answer to the urgent requirements, coming from the world of pervasive and
mobile technologies.
The book is available to read here: