I’ve been a student of Spirit, Meditation & Sound for the past 5 years. While walking the
spiritual path I’ve also walked the pragmatic path of Industrial Design for product and
experience in the past 16 years. The art of creative expression in service of Business, Mass
manufacturing, and Technology has taught me valuable lessons about human behavior,
perception, and the essential nature of intuition in a world quantified and directed by data.
I’ve learned that while powerful; exclusively rational frameworks are simply incomplete,
and enable the creation of dehumanizing systems.

As an experience designer, Breathwork meditation guide, and sound healing student, I’m at
a unique position to bridge rational frameworks and emotional/spiritual experience. This is
important because when we experience spiritually meaningful/healing moments, we open
up to the presence of spirit in ourselves and in others, and our mind based illusion of
separateness from fellow humans and from nature fades. When this understanding is
applied as an operating principal in business and systems design, it supports the
generation of inclusive and ethical products and services.

This paper touches on Breathwork as a powerful spiritual and somatic healing modality,
and its natural compatibility with Sound meditation. My aim is to create a short and rich
intro for anyone who is curious to learn about Breathwork as a practice.