Worldwide over 136 million women have been abused. That is 35% of the female population which is almost half of all humans.(2) These statistics are based on those incidents that have been reported. There are many that go unreported by those not wanted to speak up or relive the shame. They know their abusers and do not want to ruin their lives. The victims often are accused of “asking for it” or being provocative. They relive the trauma in the telling and are assaulted again. These statistics are only for Americans. The numbers worldwide are staggering. Is it any wonder we live in a society where war and violence are used to dominate, manipulate and control? To dull or numb the pain, we turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or food to name a few. The resulting manifestations of the unresolved abuse can be depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating disorders, Sleep Disorders, Suicide, Panic attacks, and selfharm. (1) There are many healing modalities one can turn to; Psychology, counseling, meditation, light therapy and EFT. However, sound healing is one of the most effective, natural and ancient traditions for returning to balance and flow. It provides a holistic, safe alternative that uses instruments and voice toning to gently unearth and heal the physical and emotional scars of sexual assault.

Sound Therapy for Healing Survivors of Sexual Abuse