In this paper I delve into the first step in our client protocol, that is, seeing the client already whole and healed. They are coming to us for healing and we maintain that it is already done. A paradox indeed. Having been raised a Christian Scientist, I already have a deep understanding of the ancient proverb, “Physician heal thyself.” Even Jesus refers to this quote. In order to see as God sees is to be one with God, healing our own separation first. Many times I have had the challenge of “seeing” the reality presented as an error of our thinking in a limited way. Circumstances put me in the position of allowing something different to occur. This is especially true for animals. It is not the animal or person, but the practitioner who must start from that perfect peace that we all are and allow that claim to populate the room. We must free ourselves from the judgment of error as the narrative we live by and insert a new story. Uncovering our innate ability
to channel healing energy by becoming one with Source and maintaining it, especially in these chaotic times, is the subject of this paper.
Starting with the First Step- Seeing Your Client Whole and Complete and Healthy! The Echo