A guided healing process encompassing aspects of the structures and workings of the mind body and spirit. Consciousness and subconscious including Included are discussions of our conscious and subconsciousness. Four phases of healing from injuries, hemostasis, defensive inflammatory, proliferative and maturation phases. Twelve phases of emotional healing, helplessness and emotional pain, polarities and rhythms, stuck in a perspective, reclaiming power, merging with suffering, preparing for resolution, resolution, emptiness, light behind form, ascent, descent, and community. Emotions and meridians that can be affected by them. The meridian systems, lung, heart small intestine, spleen and pancreas, stomach, kidney bladder, liver, gall bladder and the sympatric and parasympathetic nervous systems and states of brainwave activity. These are noted, as each function, system, and structure are addressed in the healing process. When each system functions in healthy
balance with each other in all likelihood we are in a healthy state. We require all parts working as one in harmony with each other to experience optimum health. If one’s emotional state is in need of attention all other aspects are also in need. The focus of the guided healing process will be an emotional healing.
Summary of a Creative Healing Process From the Inside Out