The presentations start with a video, an interview with a remarkable 90 year old French woman,
called Pierrette Lassort. Then the first page talks about a soundhealing séance with her.
She was born in Algeria, her parents were send there to rebuild the country. She grew up on a alone
standing farm surrounded by the sounds of nature, no city noise, teaching French and music to
children, living a peaceful life with her family. War broke out in 1962 and while being pregnant, they
had to flee the country, while people around her were being killed and the silence changed into
sounds of terror, creating fields of fear and anxiety . Back in France having to rebuild her life,
fabricating intruments with her husband, imitating the sound of nature she grew up with.
But for years she suffered from horrible nightmares and longed for the peaceful life she knew,
before the war, longing to return to that happy place.

In the sound healing séance, she regressed, traveling on the sound of the bowls and finally felt a
deep peace, arriving back there, the way life she knew.

The nightmares never came back.

The second page is a guided meditation of the mp3 I attached, a bit like the séance, set to a piece of
music I wrote years ago.


Sound Healing Séance:


Guided Meditation: