Sound healing has proven its effectiveness repeatedly for humans, can it work for plants
too? In this paper, I will walk you through a few studies that show us that plants are very
affected by soundwaves. Soundwaves can help plants grow faster and stronger. One of the
studies adds the power of positive intention into the equation, which also helped the plant
grow. Plants also use soundwaves as triggers for everyday aspects of their lives. I close the paper out by talking about some fun ways plant’s energies are being seen. In one instance, a plant was able to drive a little electric car. There is also a device you can hook up to a plant to be able to hear the music it is creating. Plants are affected by sound and positive energy, just as we are. Plants are an important aspect of life on Earth, so learning to work with the plants and hear what they are telling us again is in our best interest, so we can all work together.
The Effects of Sound Vibration on Plants