In the beginning we were looking at mapping every frequency in the body.  However, it has become clear that the frequencies are mostly different from person to person.  We are now looking at finding the rhythm and melody of each of the 11 medical systems in the body tuned precisely to a person in order to heal every disease.  We now found a device called the Raman Spectroscopy that will measure the entire frequency content of any cell scientifically in real time, so It is now possible to map each of the notes in the body and figure out the rhythm for each person.

We begin by measuring the musical interval relationships of heart, brain and breath when in a person is in the measurable state of heart coherence (gratitude and love are good examples).  Our research has already found that they are octave (double or half) relationships to each other.  We can then figure out the rhythm of each of the 11 systems because each will be in direct relationship to the heart, brain and breath when in the zone.  The one we know for sure is that the body is in harmony, especially when in the zone.  

We then need to know the melody of each of the 11 systems.  First, we need to know where to look for the notes of the melody in each system.  We are now put together a team of doctors to find out where the “nodes” are in each of the systems in order find the notes.  We then use the Raman device to measure the notes within each of the nodes.  We then have the rhythm and melody of the music flowing through each of the 11 systems tuned precisely to the person.

We then use needles with frequencies, electrodes with microcurrents, and infrared light to play that song of a with a river of flow through each of the systems to break through any blockages and heal every disease in the world.

As you can imagine, the potential is huge here.


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