“In the beginning was the Word”. The “Word” is sound.
The manifested Universe was created by the movement of sound through Sacred Geometric shapes.
My intention is to reveal the story of our human journey as a holographic reflection of the story of Creation.
Returning to that resonance of the Origin of Creation is the ultimate healing journey for humans. We can experience that return to Divine Resonance through sound … and in this instance, through a musical composition that is embedded with Sacred Geometry principles.
In my musical composition, I’m demonstrating how the Sacred Geometry principles of Pi, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci number series, the Golden Ratio Intervals, and the 5 Platonic solids can be integrated into musical composition.
Offering such Sacred Geometry sound compositions is a profound way to bestow upliftment and radiant well-being upon ourselves and all life.
So it’s an ideal culmination project for the content of this course.
Sacred Geometry