Here we are; it’s the year 2012 and human beings have become successfully inundated with sensational media portrayals of apocalyptic events supposedly prophesied by several mysterious ancient cultures. A blanket of fear and doubt for the future has been cast upon us and many have become deeply entrained into this grim mindset. However, alongside this fear-based and almost self-fulfilling desire for catastrophe is emerging an alternative view of the possibilities of these times. It is becoming a more and more common thread of awareness that we as a species, are beginning to wake up to our true potential and are now remembering ascendant knowledge that has been lying dormant within our DNA for thousands of years. A new dawn is upon us and we are finally moving back up the scale of consciousness and into a level that is conducive to a not-so-new evolutionary step. It is now time to receive and activate the tools and gifts that have been provided to us in order to fully achieve this ascension. From one perspective, the intentional and intuitive use of sound may be one of the most powerful of these tools.
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