My paper talks about how light and color works, and how to use colors and light to our advantage. I also talk about how major companies use colors for strategic purposes for us to recognize their brand and influence our reactions to them. I also talk about what most of the colors mean and signify, and how they can be beneficial to our health, consciousness and well being when used for therapeutic purposes. I also touch on what black and white signify and how to best work with them. Lastly, I touch on how important it is to be aware of the colors and sounds we immerse ourselves in, because it’s proven that the environments we are brought up in can highly impact how we vibrate and behave. Color therapy is more than just looking at a color or wearing a color. You can also benefit from the vibrations that colors hold by eating foods that resonate with that energy color or even by using crystals that hold specific color vibrations. BCookResearchPaper_Color (1)