I am rolling around on public a dance floor, crying and laughing in ecstatic release: and I don’t care. I am walking down a public street with my friends singing loudly- people are giving me strange looks: and I don’t care. I am standing in front of 300 people at a wedding, singing my heart out: and I don’t care. I am sitting in my sound healing class, making the noise of my day, and releasing the most terrible and obnoxious noises possible: and I don’t care. And it’s not that I don’t care what I’m doing: I care very deeply. But I don’t care what people are thinking, and I don’t lose myself in fear of judgment. And when the fear slips in, because it inevitably does from time to time, instead of running away from that energy of being embarrassed or shamed I dive into it. I fully let myself feel the emotions of being embarrassed or the fear of being judged, and I let it move through my body. I use the energy. I grow with the fear.