Our ideas and thoughts are powerful. We actually create vibrations when we
broadcast thoughts from our brains. The thoughts our brain broadcasts operate as
a sophisticated tuning fork creating either constructive or destructive waves in the
environment around us. So, where do our thoughts come from? Our thoughts are
a byproduct of our beliefs. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind –
which is the main driver in our reactions and decision making. These beliefs come
from information that we downloaded from our parents and the environment
between the ages of 0-6. During those ages we were in the theta brainwave state,
which allowed us to download information rapidly, without the conscious mind
picking and choosing which stuff to hang on to. We got it all. Now, as adults we
can start to change our beliefs to be in sync with our values. Studies have shown
that there is a plasticity to our brains and we can in fact create new pathways for
new thoughts. And in turn, new vibes. The best time to reprogram our
subconscious mind is when our brains are back in that theta wave, where it all
started. This state can also be achieved through meditation, repetition of mantra,
hypnosis, listening to music and binaural beats. It is when we are in this brain
state that we can reprogram and upgrade our beliefs. We can move towards a life
and a world that is not bound by beliefs we never chose, and consciously create a
life that is more joyful, more beautiful, more abundant, unlimited, and maybe even
free us from prejudice.

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