“My final paper and power point presentation is about gemstone attunement and the mandalas of crystal oversouls. Two books specifically that were used to write this are; Sacred sites by Judy Hall and Sacred Sounds by Ted Andrews, along with many hours of google research. The paper goes in depth about the energy vortex points in the earth’s chakras and how crystals can assist us to connect and communicate with them. It gives information of specific Hz frequencies and how to cleanse and activate crystals by speaking to them. I have done a lot of experimenting with these frequencies and with speaking to crystals since beginning this project and have been blown away by how they have assisted my sound healings. I have provided clear representation of the healing properties of specific crystals and which chakras they correspond to – along with their sacred geometrical mandala oversoul images, in hopes to inspire and assist anyone in this class who may be
Vibrations of Crystal Sounds