The objectives of this study were to gather preliminary data on psychological and physiologic effects of a 20 minute vibroacoustic treatment. The treatment included 4 components of interest:

1. The Music – Heart opening and powerful
2. Binaural Beats – the music includes both theta and delta frequencies tuned to the music.
3. Sound Chair – The subjects were on a powerful sound chair with 4 bass transducers vibrating the body.
4. Rotating Chair – The sound chair rotates (so the subjects go a bit on their side, then on their back, then upright), activating the vestibular system in the subjects.

12 adults with varying degrees of symptoms and medication participated in the study.

Participants listened to a CD with theta delta (0-4 Hz) binaural beat frequencies for 20 minutes on the rotating sound chair.

Subjects filled out a form with information on their symptoms on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most severe). Upon completion the subjects again rated their symptoms. The symptoms were reduced on average from 8 to 2. 50% of the subjects had their symptoms reduced to 0. One subject had their symptoms from 8 – 6. Subjects were contacted the following day. 30% of the subjects still had some level of symptom reduction. Three subjects reported that they slept well for the first time in over a year.

The particular music, binaural beats, and rotating sound chair are extremely effective in reducing symptoms. More research is needed to pin point which of the four parameters is the most effective, or if the effect is as a result of the combination of parameters.