First-of-its-kind …Incisionless Surgery Uses Sound Waves to Relieve Tremors

Hackensack Meridian Hackensack University Medical Center became the first and only center in New Jersey — and one of only a few in the country — to offer noninvasive MRI-guided focused ultrasound to treat hand tremors, or involuntary and rhythmic shaking that affects people with certain neurological conditions.

Neuravive focused ultrasound treatment, a breakthrough therapy from the Israeli company Insightec, is performed with Exablate Neuro, the first and only focused ultrasound device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat medication-refractory Essential Tremor and Tremor-dominant Parkinson’s Disease.

Guided and controlled in real time by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, Exablate Neuro’s innovative, focused-ultrasound technology utilizes multiple intersecting beams of high-frequency sound that are precisely concentrated to thermally ablate the targeted area of the brain.

The therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis and results in immediate improvement of tremor for patients with minimal complications. Watch the treatment in action and its fantastic results in the video here: