This work that I present is an exploration of the vibration of the vowel sounds from the energy point of view according to the vision of the vedas in asana that focus on the breath.

Vocal practices in conjunction with yoga postures have the following benefits:

– They intensify the practice.

– They focus attention.

– They deepen the exhalation.

– Increases circulation in the organs.

– They balance emotions.

The sound creates internal vibrations that increase circulation in different parts of the body. Before movement in asana, breathing begins, it will produce a natural movement of the spine, and the action of the posture is coordinated with the movement.

This time and for a matter of time, I will only be working with the five main vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet of the 16 that compose it. Vowels are considered the energies of consciousness, represent the spirit principle or purusha, the essence of sound, while consonants are the material energy or prakriti, and limit the pure vowel sounds in particular ways. While vowels represent eternal powers, consonants are forms that manifest them over time.

The intention of this sequence of postures that I present in conjunction with the work of the voice is to prepare the body and mind for the practice of meditation. Although for many people with whom I have worked, agreed that the practice itself is a movement meditation.

Voice and Asana Energetics copia