The ways that crystals and minerals have been implemented and benefited from throughout history can easily tell the story of many discoveries of promising information, and recent studies have been clear on the implications of their modern day scientific discoveries and inventions.
As humans, we require certain minerals to survive, and there just so happens to be an
abundance of minerals on our earths surface to help us with that. An average human will intake over of 1.3 pounds of copper over their lifetime, and the average United States citizen consumed 16,000+ pounds of minerals in their lifetime. Mineral resources have shaped the way are able to live the life we do. Where would we be without our radios, plates, toasters, refrigerators, cutlery, microwaves, stoves, clocks, magnets, boats, blackboards, or table salt? They all uses different mixtures of minerals such as aluminum, copper, gold, iron, bronze, tin, clay, mica, nickel, and cobalt.
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