The Violet Flame resides in the 7th ray as a combination of blue light representing power, and pink light representing love. It is regarded as the ray of freedom and joy, and its use is most closely overseen by Ascended Master Saint Germaine, a master of the alchemy of the soul. To master the use of the Violet Flame is to the master a very high form of alchemy. Old, discordant thought forms can be viewed as base metals in Spiritual Alchemy. The Violet Flame can be considered the transmuting force that upon confrontation of lower “metals” raises them into the vibration of love and harmony. In a sense it is the spiritual aspirants Philosopher’s Stone. It works by way of resonance, and can dissolve karma in all planes of existence.
This paper seeks to describe the way in which visualizing violet light can beneficially transmute negative aspects into positive ones.