For my final paper/presentation I offered an experiential meditation, setting sacred space I led the group in a grounding and centering meditation, a chakra cleanout, and an experience of creating a resonant field of love. All with the intention of the highest and best for all and also to have some tools to takeaway and use on an everyday basis for spiritual hygiene.  I was guided by Spirit to take this Sound Healing course so for my paper I sat with my guides and channeled some information. My team shared how they work with me in the quantum field to release energy, specifically how they work on the cellular level to clear the physical body, how they use frequency and light on the auric field/light body, working not just physically and physiologically but clearing all layers of the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual bodies, and how your own body wisdom assists with this, ultimately to allow more light into each cell creating an ability to vibrate at a higher frequency. They relate all this conversation to the principles of energy and vibration creating stasis in the body as we learned in class.

kim paper