“This paper includes the story of how I received a message from an earth Spirit while doing a vision quest in Mount Shasta, in June 2016. I received a message about how the earth suffers, as well as a mantra accompanied by a rhythm that can be sung in certain places in order to create a powerful positive vibration that help raise the vibration of the earth and “heal” the planet. I studied in detail the effectiveness of the mantra if it is sung with correct pronunciation, pitch and rhythm. Then I mentioned the Hopi prophecy and the ‘Gaia’ principle. I explained how these correlate and help us understand the critical situation of the planet today. Finally I describe Grid Work, what it is, how it works, and how doing that work (do ceremonies in different specific parts of the world) can help heal the planet. I also mention an event that will be taking place in December 2024, using the message I received from spirit, in order to create a giant shift of energy and
consciousness on the earth.”
Mount Shasta