I, Rebecca Wu, did my paper on my personal journey to the use of sound for healing
rivers after my classes at Globe and back into discovery from make up classes.
What can we do to help our rivers and thus our oceans on an energetic level that can
transform the health and vitality of our world’s flowing gems? I ponder this on many
levels and a month after my class ends and unfinished classes at a school called Globe
I found myself in the deeps the jungle of the Amazon a Rainforest working on a very
(emphasize very) amateur documentary filled with confidence but far from structured
organization or well developed concepts and a realization the focus of my questions
above was far more unknown and not on solid ground. I kept going and discovered a
surface glimmer on shining water. Here is my story. A story about a journey right after
classes I did not complete at Globe Institute to the high deserts of Brazil to the Amazon
Rainforest. In an attempt to create a documentary to show ways we could heal the
rivers and waters of our planet to the People of the world to ultimately help save the
world. I had a plan but what I thought might be an end all to the pollution solution was
just the tip of the snow covered mountain top. Perhaps unsuccessful to a professional
documentary filmmaker’s eye, it was an eye-opening expansion that upon travels back
home and eventual make up classes led to revelations and reflections I would not have
had and a great opportunity to just laugh. The power was within to clear pollution and
the greatest instrument of all was right under my nose. This is my story.