Like all properties in the vastly beautiful and mysterious Universe, vibration or sound is a neutral force whose application depends upon the arbitrary morality of the individual using it, of their intention. To hurt or heal, to enslave or enlighten. The same hammer can be used to kill another being or make a home for them and their family. Our shared dreamscape we call reality is a hall of mirrors reflecting every possible thought, word, and action. Reflecting each others fears and aspirations. From the most depraved to the most divine our reality is an infinite spectrum of potential expression. There is the micro and the macro, the individual and the collective, the absolute and the relative, and they inform each other each moment in a constant feedback loop. They are inseparable and paradoxically abide simultaneously within each other. For about the last 100 years a very active manipulation of the human mind, body, and soul, into a VERY limited window of
what we are and what this life is about has existed. This has come about and is maintained by the very engineers of the systems we are obliged to live within and use. Meaning the way our health care, education, judicial, business, and entertainment sectors are run, and the effects they have on us all are not accidental (refer to The Century of the Self).
Vibrational Manipulation of Nervous Systems